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Only a very few of our member governments actually have professional Planners on staff. Yet, they are still faced with keeping zoning ordinances and plans up to date, relevant, and enforceable. Our Local Government Services staff has been assisting many of our member governments with the required NCGS 160D statutory updates to both zoning ordinance and comprehensive plans. For several jurisdictions, this has meant a first time venturing into comprehensive visioning and community planning.


We are continuing to work with our local governments on training of planning boards, boards of adjustment and the elected governing boards on planning and zoning – the regulations of land use. Where differences of opinion arise in this group process work, having an independent, non-biased LRCOG staff in the room is often helpful.  

Data Analysis from Comprehensive Plan survey

Our work efforts also include developing data analysis for economic and population characteristics of the region and assisting local governments with understanding how the economic and community data that is available can inform their decisions.

After the population counts are released by the US Census, our staff assists local governments with redistricting based on how that population demographic may shift. Changes to district maps last for ten years and how the districts are drawn can influence how an individual’s vote will count.

NC House District 22.jpg
Typical District Mapping
Survey Image.png

Our planning services can also include our digital mapping services.  We can assist with the update of zoning maps and development of maps for planning documents such as comprehensive plans.

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