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Services Division

Working in this region for 50 years, the LRCOG Local Government Services division has been fortunate to touch the lives of citizens in every member government. Our name may have changed from Technical Assistance Division to Community Services and now to Local Government Services, but the quality and care in the work we have provided remains consistent.

Rising above the challenges our region has experienced, including hurricanes, flooding, and other economic challenges such as the loss of manufacturing jobs, our local governments continue to persevere and often call on the LRCOG Local Government Services division to advise and assist. With a knowledgeable and service oriented staff, we are propelled by the value of our services and the success of our members.

The Local Government Services division serves as the liaison between member governments and their citizens while also fostering partnerships with regional, state, and federal organizations to promote services and opportunities for our members and the region at large. Throughout our years of work, we have found that regional approaches to planning and service delivery is effective. However, we also understand the value of services that are tailored to the individual needs of our members and can help you explore those options. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to support our member governments.

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Division services

  • Land Use & Strategic Planning Services: Includes assistance in developing and interpreting ordinances, annexation studies, zoning administration, and assistance in the process of developing long-range strategic plans.

  • Rural Transportation Planning: The Technical Assistance staff provides support services for the Lumber River Rural Transportation Planning Organization (RPO).  Work includes assistance to local governments and citizens in partnership with the NC Department of Transportation efforts in the region.

  • Water and Sewer Services: COG initiative to assist member governments in responding to water resource and infrastructure needs. Includes grant writing, administration, regional technical studies, water policy efforts and GIS mapping.

  • General Governmental Services: Other planning services needed by our local governments.

We provide a wide variety of technical support through hands-on expertise and cost effective consulting services. The Local Government Services division will serve as your one-stop resource for questions and solutions.

Staff Directory

Janet Robertson

(910) 775-9749
RPO Coordinator 

Darrien Locklear

(910) 775-9753
Regional Planner

Craig Usher

(910) 775-9750
Regional Planner

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