Water Resources Planning


Since the 1990's, we have been active in the area of water resources.   

Our work has supported individual communities with specific tasks - such as long range water planning documents, rate studies, customer base evaluations- to a significant investment in regional, sustainable development of our water resources. We are updating many of those older long-range planning documents because they do have relevance for today’s world.  From them we gain a needed perspective on where we started and where we are now. 


You are able to link to many of those earlier reports in the tabs below.

Our efforts in the past decade have been focused on helping our local governments respond to the forces of change in Federal and State regulations, financing needed improvements, and exploring water efficiency options such a regionalization of service and reductions in water loss.  To do this, the LRCOG Technical Assistance staff is providing direct technical assistance as well as reaching out to secure funding for projects we initiate to undertake projects with regional significance.

Our water resources work today is concentrated in the Lumber and Cape Fear River Basins which traverse the LRCOG region. Our work is based on the understanding that  water does not observe political boundaries such as those which define COG regions, municipal or county boundaries. Water, does, however, observe topography and we strongly support basinwide planning.

In keeping with this thought, we have reached beyond our LRCOG boundary and are collaborating with neighboring counties and COG regions in pursuit of sustainable, regional solutions for the future.