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March 30, 2021

Developing a Sustainable System - Understanding the New Viable Utilities Program Kim Colson, PE, Chair, State Water Infrastructure Authority and Director, DWI

Teaching Tuesdays- March 30, 2021, Prese
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May 18, 2021

So, You Have an Asset Management Plan. What Now?

Co-Presenters: Jean Klein, LRCOG and Bill Lester, PE, LKC Engineers

Teaching Tuesdays- May 18, 2021 Presenta
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June 15, 2021

Water/Wastewater Utility Resiliency - How To Build a Financially Resilient System

Shadi Eskaf, Senior Project Director, SOG-EFC

Teaching Tuesdays- June 15, 2021 Present
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One-Page Guide on Stormwater Utility Fee
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One-Page Guide on Regionalization
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One-Page Guide on Board Member Questions
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Handout - EFC services for utilities in
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