RTW is an industry lead partnership consisting of but not limited to: employers, educators, workforce development and economic development from both the private and public sectors of Robeson County. It is comprises of all aspects of workforce and economic development. It was formed in 2015 and has been very active by meeting monthly to hear input from all partners concerning current issues with the workforce in Robeson County. The group focuses on skills needed around industrial maintenance mechanics with knowledge of machines and tools; including their design, uses, repair and maintenance. Other needs include the fields of engineering, technology and robotics.


The RTW accomplishments to date:


  • Approval by Robeson County School Board to create and offer a duel credit course beginning in January 2016. (with assistance from Robeson Community College)

  • Met with local principals and guidance counselors

  • Developed a Marketing Plan (including a future video)

  • Partnership with Central Carolina Community College to provide Tool and Die training.

  • Robeson Technical Works Scholarships:

  • RTW Annual Scholarship of $5,000 to be awarded to 5 students at $1,000 per student.

  • RTW Endowment Scholarship funded at $10,000 to be awarded to students based upon 3.5% of the value of the endowment earnings.


RTW is dedicated to the development of a workforce with the skills required to be successful in Robeson County by, “Growing Our Own.”





The Lumber River Workforce Development Board is an avid supporter of the Career Readiness Certification Program. The Career Readiness Certificate Initiative is a state program designed to meet the needs of both employers and job seekers. For employers, the tool offers a reliable means of determining whether a potential employee has the necessary literacy and "job ready" skills to be an effective employee. For job seekers, the certificate equips individuals with a portable credential that helps facilitate job placement, retention, and advancement. Individuals can earn three levels of certification - Gold, Silver, or Bronze - based on their test performance in Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information. The levels, with Gold being the highest, signify increasing degrees of difficulty in each of the test areas.


The Lumber River Workforce Development Board purchased an area-wide license for Worldwide Interactive Network (WIN), the original Level 1 provider of courseware for ACT WorkKeys, a nationally recognized system of profiling, assessment and instructional support. The CRC is based on the ACT WorkKeys system. Contractors and partners can utilize the WIN courseware to assist customers in need of remediation. By using WIN, customers can improve their skills in areas tested in WorkKeys.


The Vision East Workforce Development Alliance consists of eight North Carolina Workforce Development Boards: Cape Fear, Cumberland County, Eastern Carolina, Lumber River, Mid-Carolina, Northeastern Region, Region Q and Turning Point. Collectively, the boards work together toward strengthening eastern North Carolina by sharing information and coordinating regional efforts. Meetings are held periodically and a strategic planning session is held annually.  


The Lumber River Workforce Development Board joins the NCWorks Commission and the North Carolina Division of Workforce Solutions in designating the month of October as Workforce Development Professionals Month - to honor individuals in all the workforce development organizations and partnerships who play a vital role in our economy. Each year, the Board adopts a resolution and organizes appreciation events with local workforce development professionals.