David Richardson, JD/MBA

(910) 775-9752
Executive Director



Erica L. Brayboy

(910) 775-9748
Regional Engagement Specialist

Jimmy Cox

(910) 775-9783

IT Consultant

Sonya Johnson

(910) 775-9757
Administrative Secretary/Clerk to Board

Caleb Register

(910) 775-9768

Assistant Finance Director

Jo-Annah Sinclair

(910) 775-9769
Finance Director

Donna Wright

(910) 775-9759
Secretary/Purchasing Officer


Area Agency on Aging

Twilla Allen, MSW

(910) 775-9781
Aging Program Administrator

Kathy Buie

(910) 775-9780

Aging Program Coordinator

Melissa Hunt

(910) 775-9780

Aging Program Specialist- Nutrition (CARES)

Camisha Laws

(910) 775-9780

Nutrition Program Assistant

Tabitha Locklear

(910) 775-9780

Aging Program Assistant (CARES)

Kayla Lowry

(910) 775-9741

Aging Specialist

Stephanie I. Powers

(910) 775-9779

Family Caregiver Resource Specialist

Ursula Selles

(910) 775-9762
Nutrition Director

Shontelia Sowers, BSW, MSHCA

(910) 775-9761

Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Nutrition Site Managers

Vacant, Lumberton Nutrition Site

Joann Jacobs, Laurel Hill Nutrition Site

Janice Leviner, Wagram Nutrition Site

Barbara Locklear, Union Chapel Nutrition Site

Reda Locklear, Red Springs Nutrition Site

Vacant, Rowland Nutrition Site

Diane Seals, Fairmont Nutrition Site

Virginia Nicholson, Home Deliver Meals Driver

Selma Rozier, St. Pauls Nutrition Site

Community Economic Services


Jean Klein

(910) 618-5533
CES Administrator

Janet Maynor

(910) 618-5533
Special Projects Planner (Part-time)

Jim Perry

(910) 775-9758
Special Projects Planner (Part-time)

Janet Robertson

(910) 775-9749
Rural Transportation Organization

Workforce Development


Patricia Hammonds

(910) 775-9764

WD Administrator

Antoinette Bullard

(910) 775-9776
WD Fiscal and Evaluation Coordinator

Alice Williams

(910) 775-9763
Special Projects Coordinator