Land Use Planning


LRCOG Technical Assistance staff is available to assist our local government in completing new land use ordinances or revising existing ordinances.  Staff is also available for assisting local government staff in interpreting existing ordinances and also with ordinance enforcement. 


Staff is presently assisting in the following projects:


  • Revision of the Town of Wagram Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance 

  • Revision of the Town of Gibson Code of Ordinances

  • Completion of the Town of Parkton Comprehensive Land Use Plan including Water Resources


Staff is also available to complete annexation feasibility studies and annexation ordinances.  Staff members will work with interested governments in identifying possible annexation areas, analyze the feasibility of such annexations, complete the service plan and prepare any necessary ordinances.  Recent annexation studies and plans include the Town of St. Pauls, Raeford and White Lake.