General Planning


As communities prepare to seek other funding resources, updated plans become a necessity.  LRCOG staff is available to assist in developing comprehensive and strategic plans.  Staff will provide facilitation for meetings, gather needed information and data to support the plan and compile and present the completed plan. 

TA staff also works to provide training opportunities for local government staff at convenient locations throughout the region.  This convenience allows more access to appointed board members that may not have the resources to travel outside the region for much needed training and information.  Recent workshops have included Conditional Use Permitting and Making Quasi-judicial Decisions for elected and appointed board memberslll. 

One of the greatest roles the LRCOG serves is that of a conduit between the members of the Region.  Staff is available to work with members in identifying regional approaches to challenges within the communities that make up Region N.  Staff is able to establish communication between communities in ways that allow a more productive response, resulting in positive outcomes to our day-to-day needs as well as the needs of our future generations.