Supporting our region's communities is the primary mission of the LRCOG. Through our services and programs we are able to work in concert with our local governments, other agencies or independently to address the community and economic challenges of our region.

The Community Economic Services Staff is focused to provide research and data services, grant writing and administration to build the community through housing rehabilitation, neighborhood planning and rural transportation planning, and to retain jobs. We also support our local governments through grant writing and administration in water and sewer upgrades, rate studies, regional resource planning and customer base assessments - all key to the sustainability of these water and sewer service providers into the future.


Our services were established by the LRCOG to help local governments meet the day-to-day and project-specific demands of managing a local government.  The Division Staff provide expertise in all areas of planning, in data collection and interpretation and in mapping.


Planning Services


The LRCOG services in planning are grouped into three major categories. Please click on the link to see further information on each topic.


1. Land Use Planning: includes assistance in developing and interpreting ordinances, annexation studies, zoning administration, and assistance in the process of developing long-range strategic plans.




2. Rural Transportation Planning:The Technical Assistance staff provides support services for the Lumber River Rural Transportation Planning Organization (RPO).  Work includes assistance local governments and citizens in partnership with the NC Department of Transportation efforts in the region.




3. Water Resources Planning: COG initiative to assist member governments in responding to water resource and infrastructure needs. Includes grant writing, administration, regional technical studies, water policy efforts and GIS mapping.




4. General Planning Services: Other planning services needed by our local governments.